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Source : The Korean Times 25 July 2009, 08:27

Girls' Generation and Super Junior will take part in the Asia Song Festival to be held in Seoul in October, representing South Korea.

The festival, the sixth of its kind this year, will draw Asian pop groups and singers from nine countries in Asia including South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It will begin at 6 p.m. at Sangam World Cup Stadium in northwestern Seoul.

Among the participants are Gackt and Mihimaru GT from Japan, Li Ming from Hong Kong, K-Otic from Thailand, Ho Ngoc Ha from Vietnam and Agnes Monica from Indonesia.

The annual song festival won international fame after it was broadcast for the first time in 30 countries last year.

The Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, the organizer of the festival, plans to announce the second list of two top Korean groups and an Asian singer to be present there in mid-August.

Admissions tickets will be available free on the festival's Web site (www.asf.or.kr) in early September.

As we know, that Siwon is member of Super Junior, so don't miss this event.

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Untill now, i dont know ezactly where's the next city that SuJu will held their 2nd Super Show after July 17-19 2009 they started in Olympic Fencing Gymnasiun, Seoul,

From news i've got , they next point is Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, and 7 other cities in Asia, total are 10 cities.

three-day concert from July 17th to 19th at the Olympic Fencing Gymnasium in Seoul. Following their first tour, “SUPER SHOW Ⅱ” will include songs from their 3rd Album and other exciting performances.

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i'm still wonder, why i miss this video T.T, but anyway, here they are, an interview while Siwon and Donghae of Super Junior making MV for Ariel Lin's new song.

if you have any problem in your relationship life, you may take a look this site. I hope it will gives you help.

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Heechul is also member of Super Junior, and Heechul is an atheist. Check this video out, when Super Junior were in TV variety show that made Super Junior's members gave a special message each other.
In this post, of course i only embed Siwon's section. At the end of the video, people must acknowledge Siwon as a good christian man.
Please take a look.

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These are another facts about Choi Siwon : ^^
-Siwon's "Thanks To" in Don't Don album is a bible quote Ephesians 2:8
2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God
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-Siwon hates sharing his coke
-Siwon loves kids.
-Siwon loves to tell people that God is good. And believe in HIM is a must.

taken from many source.

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congratulatory flower stands for Shindong (another member of Super Junior) and Siwon
2009/07/22 by foreverELfish_kris
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On Shimshimtapa, Shindong talked about the congratulatory flower stands for Super Show.

shindong: we had 10 congratulatory flower stands for our con. this is first time we get that many flowers~

shinyoung: wow great!!

Shindong: one of them is from simsimtapa radio, so i was really happy, but
there was a mistake…..on the flower, the word said ‘ To sindon! ‘ not ’shindong’!!
(’don’ means pig in korean!!)

Shinyoung: oh… hahaha that must have been a mistake!!

Shindong: I know… but the flower shop is even located in our writer’s neighborhood…
but I was happy and that will be my great memory…

Shinyoung: yeah, I think so

Shindong: ah! i have other funny stuffs
the others were from another radio and fans. the funny thing is fans send it using Han ga-in’s name for us!!
and the other 7 flower stands were for Siwon from some chairmen of enterprises.

Shinyoung: what?!! to Siwon ssi?

Shindong: yeah… all of them were from CEO of *** or chairman of *** , so it seemed that Siwon managed the business.
but those were because of Siwon’s dad who manages big business.
anyway we have to find favor in Siwon’s sight ^^ he is amazing~

Shinyoung: wow, but you know what? i prefer you to him~~

Shindong : even if i were Shindon?

Shinyoung: oh… that’s weird… haha

source : http://sapphirepearls.com

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In Super Show II ( A Super Junior's big tour concert) , Siwon sang this song. And with this, Siwon show his love to his God, Jesus Christ.
You can find its lyrics in this video. Sorry for sound quality,if i found the better quality, i will post it as soon as possible. May God bless you.

Here are the lyrics :
Who Am I / author : Casting Crowns

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth
Would care to know my name
Would care to feel my hurt
Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star
Would choose to light the way
For my ever wandering heart


Not because of who I am
But because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done
But because of who You are


I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
A vapor in the wind
Still You hear me when I'm calling
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling
And You've told me who I am
I am Yours
I am Yours


Who am I, that the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love
and watch me rise again
Who am I, that the voice that calmed the sea
Would call out through the rain
And calm the storm in me


Not because of who I am
But because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done
But because of who You are


I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
A vapor in the wind
Still You hear me when I'm calling
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling
And You've told me who I am
I am Yours, I am Yours


I am Yours
Whom shall I fear
Whom shall I fear
'Cause I am Yours
I am Yours


to maintenance your relationship with Lord Jesus, please click here.


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I browsed internet and found this article. Honestly, i didnt find the trust-able source yet T.T. but i think everyone of you can comment this article and even help me to find, if it is true story or not. Anyway, i hope it's true story. even though i doubt it :p
------source http://makjoel.wordpress.com/?s=SIWON
(A long time ago…)
Note: This is Siwon’s personal story I’ve found on internet.

Manager: Siwon-ah

Siwon: Yes

Manager: How long have you been in our agency?

Siwon: About 1 year.

Manager: A year already~~um, you improved a lot in singing and dancing. Do you know that you have to focus in all Asia, not only Korea?

Siwon: Yes

Manager: We planned for you to go to China to learn some Chinese.

Siwon: China?

Manager: Go to China to learn their language and their culture, understand? You will be leaving soon so get ready.

“I was sent to China after I entered SM for about a year.”

Hankyung (another member of Super Junior) : Hello, are you Chinese?

Siwon: (In Korean) This…I can’t speak Chinese. Ah, what do I do….

Hankyung: (In Chinese) What are you talking about?

“I was clueless when I first got to China. Even though there are so many people in front of me, but all of them are Chinese speaking a totally different language. And I’m a Korean who doesn’t understand Chinese at all.”

Hankyung: (In Chinese) Siwon, lets go eat.

Siwon: (In Korean) What are you talking about?

Hankyung: (In Chinese) I said, let’s go eat.

Siwon: (In Chinese) Nothing nothing….OK.
“I have no friends in China, and after about a month, then I slowly understand other people’s conversation. I worked hard and tried my best to learn Chinese. No matter how difficult, I still have to survive. If I need to eat, I ask for restaurants. If I need to find my dorm, I ask for the rout to go home. I stayed in China for 6 month.”
An uncle went to my house to chat with my father, through the conversation, that uncle still think I should fallow my dad and become a business manger.

He said “Even though your dad didn’t say anything, but he worried about you.” Every time when I hear people say this, I always hold tight my fist and turn these words to my power to motivate me.”

“Not too long after, I filmed . Even though I don’t have many parts, but because of this drama, I gained my popularity. Through this drama, I earned my first money in my life.”
“Even though it’s not an enormous amount, but it’s my first time in my life having a self earned money on my check book. I can not remember how many times I flipped through that check book. It’s just like a dream.”

Dad: Siwon-ah, The pastor told me everything.

Siwon: He told you what?

Dad: You donated all the money to the church.

Siwon: Ah, you heard it?

Dad: Yes. I was so proud today. Keep doing your best and accept your responsibility, understand?”
“I was so touched and it is unforgettable to me. My dad never really praise me through my childhood, but he just said he’s proud of me.”
After that drama, I did film some other stuff. I was preparing to debut as a singer. And finally, I’m in a group with 12 members total. Super Junior’s Siwon debuted. This is not a long journey nor a short one, but I know that the journey ahead of me will be longer than what I have already walked through. For my dad’s high hope, and for my supporting fans. I will do my best at all time!

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After Super Junior's Super Show II on July 17, 2009, here are something about Siwon's performance.
Siwon :
The prince(Siwon) lives up to his name! Everytime his solo came up in the more mellow songs the boys would gather around him be all spazzy and he’d just strike a kingly pose! Whenever he looks at the fans he makes direct eye contact and u feel like he’s looking right at you!
At the end of the concert, Siwon sang his church solo.

In this video, Siwon using black hat. third man from left. Note: Siwon is the tallest man in his boys band group.

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Why i made this blog- July 14, 2009 Siwonlover on blog is Eunice, also admin of @3rdwavemusic. http://www.Siwonlover.com full team can be found on forum @Siwonlover on twitter are Eunice, Yocelin, & Jema. We are from Indonesia, USA, Singapore, Phillipina, Peru, UAE This page support Siwon for keep doing good deeds and pray for Siwon to be blessed and become role model for young generation. We're not idolizing someone and replace God's position in life. We hope fans keep live their activities better. work / study better. Hard work and enthusiasm which is owned by Siwon hope can provide an example for you. Gbu


USB3G -see the latest on www.siwonlover.com (Check the latest on http://www.siwonlover.com . An International forum for Siwon Choi.) Pray for Siwon together with us for his health & his success in God's ways, click here

Pls join! In partnership, fanbases @kissme_1820 @siwonlover @brianjoo110 have joined forces to pray for our artists! We are called USB3G (U-Kiss/Siwon/Brian/3rd Wave Group)! =D As far as we know, this is unprecedented in terms of fandom and we want to spearhead this endeavor to support our artists in prayer.
GROUP PRAYER 2010-12-01

1. Siwon's mind - Please pray that Lord Jesus teaches Siwon how to see situations as the Lord sees them so that Siwon can always walk in His truth and principles as opposed to confirming to this corrupted world (Romans 12:2). Also, pray that Siwon will always be filled with the Holy Spirit (John 4:23, Psalm 63:1).

2. Siwon's activities - Please pray that Siwon will always lean on God and lead a healthy lifestyle: Eat well, drink well, and have good-quality sleep. Also, pray that God will bless him with success in whatever he does: the filming of Athena: Goddess of War that will be aired on Dec. 13 on SBS; Super Show 3 concert in Guangzhou, China on Dec. 25; MCing 'ICON' music shows; preparing Super Junior M's new album and Super Junior's 5th album; filming commercials for endorsements; and various activities. Pray that Siwon will always be a blessing for the nations.

3. Siwon's family - (Isaiah 59:21) Please pray for Siwon's lovely parents and sister Jiwon Choi to always be together in Christ and live only for Christ. Let His peace always fill them all, and this Christmas, may they be even more in love with God. Also, pray for Siwon's beloved brothers in Super Junior: Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Kibum, Hangeng, Zhou Mi, and Henry to always be in good spirits.

3rd Wave:

1. 3rd Wave's album - The Christmas Sale is happening right now and will end on Dec. 15! Pray that people will continue to support 3rd Wave in their work and that this album will be a blessing to those who purchase it or receive it as a gift. Thanksgiving to the Volunteer Reps who have signed up to partake in the Grassroots Project and help spread the word about 3rd Wave and their cause. There is power in numbers and pray that God will continue to oversee and guide the Grassroots Project as well as album sales.

2. 3rd Wave's ministries - 3rd Wave went to Japan last month and it was an enlightening experience. Pray that God will bless the team with faithfulness and purity in what they're doing. May God show them workers who would want to go to Japan to share the Good News. Also, pray that God will continue to reveal things to 3rd Wave, and in turn, inspire them to create music that touches and impacts lives. May 3rd Wave be a shining light for Him in Asia.

3. North and South Korea - Johnny shared a blog entry last week (http://www.ilike.com/artist/3rdWaveMusic/blog/684491442). For those who have been paying close attention to the news, things are very tense between North and South Korea. Please pray for His peace to transcend the ill feelings between these neighboring nations. Pray that God will grant the leaders wisdom in dealing with the situation and for them to cast aside personal pride. Let Him dissolve their anger and reign over what the leaders have planned. May God also impress upon the leaders of other powers such as China and the U.S. Pray for the safety and protection of everyone. May His will be done.


1. Brian's health - Please pray that Brian will stay in good health in the cold weather as he continues to prepare for his new album. At times, he would be recording till the wee hours of the morning, pray that God will sustain him with His strength and renew him with energy whenever he feels weary. Also, Brian experiences insomnia. Please pray that God will give him true rest so that he will not feel stressed and fatigued.

2. Brian's activities - Brian was in Los Angeles last month to perform at KoreAm 2010 and also attended Jang Dong Gun's The Warrior's Way premiere. Thanksgiving for the opportunity to be part of the KoreAm line-up this year since he's had schedule conflicts in previous years and had to turn down their invitation. Also, thanksgiving for the media's interviews with Brian, which hopefully will help him garner more attention and open up new doors for him. The week in LA was a great time of catching up with friends and seeing family amidst his schedule. A lot to be thankful for!

3. Brian's family/friends - It's the month of December and the Christmas season is upon us. Pray that Brian and his family/friends will have a wonderful Christmas as they enjoy time with loved ones while celebrating. Pray that Christ's birth will ignite a heart of joy and thanks in everyone for He is the Greatest Gift of all.


1. U-Kiss' safety and health - Please pray for the boys as they've been doing quite a bit of traveling lately. They will be going to other parts of China after their Mongolia trip, so pray that they will maintain their health and will be able to get enough rest.

2. Kevin's musical (On Air) - Pray for Kevin as he stars in his first musical that he will nail his part during each performance and that he will be able to juggle practices on top of his usual schedule. Also, pray that he will form a close bond with his fellow cast members and that God will bless this musical..

3. Christmastime - As the holiday season draws nearer, pray for the boys and their families/friends. Pray that they will be able to enjoy Christmas together and that they will have a good rest as well. Let this be a time of fellowship for all of them and let them not lose sight of the real meaning behind Christmas.

Thanks to Ps.John Lee who support us to do this prayer time, thanks to ALexander's father Mr.Anthony Eusebio , thanks to Brian Joo who loves fans and of course thanks to our dear Siwon for pray for us.
Hear Siwon's voice here

Video by Triani, Indonesia

Video by green43eyes @ YT

Video by Vinu, United Kingdom


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