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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Collect all things about Choi Si Won

18 vs 29 , year 2005

Battle of Wits, year 2006

Attack on the pin-up boys, year 2007

Legend of Hyang Dan-siwon as main role

Get "Legend of HyangDan"

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"Stage of Youth" drama, mandarin -chinese language-
"Stage of Youth" drama

Super Junior M albums
Super Junior-M

18 vs 29 drama OST
18 vs 29 OST

"Heart to heart" with Super Junior
Heart to heart with Super Junior

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Korean TV series dramas
Korean TV Series and dramas

"Attack on the pin up boys" movie Siwon role as himself, "A battle of wits" movie Siwon role Prince Liang Shi
Attack on the Pin Up Boys,A Battle of Wits

"Spring Waltz" drama, Siwon role Park Sang Woo
"Spring Waltz" drama


  1. emm i would like to say thank you so much that you've made this kind of post. i love siwon too, but i don't know how to update about him or maybe how to be an E.L.F. if you have some info, maybe we can talk so. thank you,

    i love choi siwon too..
    thanks for the info ^__^

  3. i love this bloggg sooooo muchhh
    thanks 4 working hard 4 Siwon oppa
    i love u Siwon oppa<3<3<3
    Siwon and Suju Hwaiting!!!!!=D

  4. Hello Choi Siwon,
    Is amazing when I know you really Christian too !
    I hope you will be different than ordinary star, coz sometimes being a star easily lost too. Especially Korean,what happen to Bae Yong Jun? Maybe there is a lot of temptation in the Korean celebrity society. U have a solid friendship,I never seen before among young man, but I hope ur guys not going to become a gay, but not a playboy too..he2. Actually what is the girl of your type? Is it the like in the film My lady ? Dont you want to know also Indonesian girl ? I hope you will visit and make concert in Indonesia. Me making a new song but just beginning, especially Christian song for celebrity also. Love u !