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Many people wonder, what is his type?... As we know, that Choi Si Won is rich, very handsome, have good character, gentleman, a devout Christian... people may assume the woman for him, must be perfect one. Very beautiful to make the photo balance ( ^^.. Siwon and his future wife), have a good family, maybe in financial or something like the parentage...(is it right word to express ?? **sorry my english is not fluent yet** ), have many qualified skills, etc..

I try to collect about his fact.
Here they are :
Choi Si Won's woman type :
a Christian girl with wavy hair, and she has clear eyes (maybe ... eyes that express a sincere heart i think)

I never have article when Siwon says, she must beautiful in outlook appearance or face.

When i saw youtube video when it was show called "Super Summer", we can see that Siwon is a straightforward and in the same time he is gentle and sincere. First question he asked to the girl is ..."May i know your religion is? "

Conclusion 1 : Her belief must be no. 1 Siwon's consideration. So if he find that the girl is not christian, at the same time he will stop for next level, just as a friend. Siwon is very straightforward. Even for the 1st time of date that was arranged in show,he asked this question.
Siwon : Then..although it is a little rude to ask this during our first meeting...May i know what is your religion is?
Girl : I'm a Christian
Siwon : A Christian
*looks like he free of worry now to further conversation
then he started to shake hand with the girl
That's first common interest , Siwon must thought this.*
Girl : My father is a pastor
Siwon : Ah! A Pastor?
*Siwon surprised with a big smile, even he covered his mouth by two hands after hear this*
Girl : I have a question. What is your ideal type of girl?
Siwon : Firstly she has to be a Christian *Look at how Siwon said this,his expression and his voice, Siwon said this explicity, it means Choi Siwon do really concern of this *
Must treats my parents well. Also treats her parents well. If we get married in future, and if i have a busy schedule, will be understanding.
Girl : yes, will be understanding

Conclusion 2 : Siwon respects parents so much. And he wants his future wife also do the same.

Conclusion 3 : Siwon hope that girl is understand him. His activities. To prevent debate about their date time .

Siwon : Must be quite tall
Girl : Ah really? What is your height?
Siwon : I am 183cm. Because my mother's height is also taller than average.
Girl : Me too, my mother was a basketball player

Conclusion 4 : For height balance Siwon hopes his future wife, the woman can balance his height.

Siwon : We can not be too mindful of appearances when it comes to love...Inner beauty is more important
Girl : I also feel the same. Appearance is not important
Siwon : If you pay too much attention to appearance, you will not be able to see what is inside
Girl : Although it would be the best if both appearance and the inside is beautiful. But thats really difficult..

Conclusion 5 : Inner beauty not fake but the sincere that Choi Si Won think that it can be seen from her eyes.

Ok guys, those conclusions is my thought ^^. But also we hope all the best happened in Choi Si Won's life. He always thinking in positive ways, as he ever said this on Arirang monologue with Choi Si Won. Hope Siwon will find his woman. And i believe God will help him and guide him to Siwon's soulmate that given from God. Amen ^^

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Posted by Flame Monday, August 17, 2009


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. siwon!! you will get the girl that matches you!! God will give you a good one..even though I am not the one because I am not that pretty and tall and my character need to be changed, but you deserve better cause you are an artist...huhuhuh...praying for your happiness...=)

  3. Aww, I hope to find a man like him. It's important to me also that a man has "clear eyes." For me, I can read a person if see his eyes. I can easily tell you of that man is good or has a bad agenda. Siwon is a really good gentleman. I hope God blesses him well, as we can see He already has.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Do he chubby girls,Because big girls need lov too!

  6. samandy_24 Says:
  7. OMG! ALL those pertain to me! I'm Christian, and I have clear eyes!
    Well, the height is the only problem though.. haha!
    But no worries! Siwon & I will work that out.. haha!



  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. is it true that a girl named stella kim is siwonnie's ex gf?
    tell me it's not.. err..
    it's breaking my heart. LOL.

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. He describes me :D (except two things tall and christian)

  12. Anonymous Says:
  13. o my gosh!!
    I am christian,have a clear eyes,and my heigth is compatible with his heigth.
    sorry but i'm not good in english..
    the only problem is the nationality.
    But if youre heartbeat become fast and become inlove not in your dream girl..
    all tha qualifications will be ignored.

    the relationship can work with this good doings:
    trust in your partner
    my friends said to me that i have a sense of humor,
    i'm little boyish but i'm girlhearted..
    i actually hate boys...
    i havn't met a guy that can repect me...
    i havn't met a guy that can respect my friends and my family
    i havn't met a guy that can repect all the people around him
    i just want to wait for my soulmate other than spent my life with the guy who i don't like and can respect my family..

    siwon is gentleman,and respctful..

  14. boomblee Says:
  15. :D I'm almost perfect
    The only thing missing is a better character, sometimes I'm just too..bitchy :(
    Oh, and thank God he likes tall girls, all of the previous boys we're too short for me :P

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. oh my gosh...i'm not ur type coz we have different religous..so sad knowing that u'r very concerned about religion in other to find ur dream girl.however i hope we can be friend coz i'm so in love with super junior since my friend introduce ur group to me...by the way i'll keep supporting super junior..

  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. siwon i'll support you no matter whom u're married with,im sure tht u'll find ur happiness someday..iluvsiwon<3:):):):)

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. wow....what kind of girl he likes is like exactly who i am...that's really scare cuz i am a Christian and i do respect my parents and when it comes to opinion making i'm very open minded. I love him ♥

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. oh also i'm tall(that was my comment just before)

  24. Anonymous Says:
  25. Ahh, the types are quite easy and quite difficult. but i'm sure, a perfect man like him must need a perfect girl. If he says "No, inner beauty is the most important," he lies! everybody looks outside first before inside. and thanks God whether fact Siwon really want to know her deeper. So Let's pray, may Siwon doesnt change his mind.

  26. Anonymous Says:
  27. Siwon is too perfect for me, that's why I dont wanna be his girlfriend or his wife. If he falls in love with me, I'll runaway far away...hoho =] it's true, guys. i dont lie.

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. come on im a christian
    i have a wavy hair his perfect for me he is my high school friend
    or ex before

  30. Anonymous Says:
  31. soory girlsssss!!! im his ex

  32. Anonymous Says:
  33. but i broke up with him his not worthed for me khyhyun is better

  34. Anonymous Says:
  35. i was shocked reading this...I'm totally like SiWon but SiWon's not my type..If we ever met, I would gladly be his bestfriend. He's my oideal type of a friend but not as a lover..Hope God will guide him in finding the right girl!:))

  36. Anonymous Says:
  37. i m a muslim girl und i think he will falling in love with very soon just waithing for me siwon just remember my name mona

  38. Anonymous Says:
  39. this is stupid, i know siwon and he is more then this, he is really cool and lovely, so don't believe what ever they say about him, he is nice and very friendly, and the girl who is going to get is a very lucky girl

  40. Anonymous Says:
  41. feelings come through the eyes and it shows how sincere you are about someone. Si Won sshi, I am african american/native, and you seem cool and sincere with what you look in a girl (:

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. Oh Tiffany from SNSD is a Christian!!!! And they look cute together!! I hope they will really date....

  44. Anonymous Says:
  45. wth. love is blind.

  46. Anonymous Says:
  47. LEE EUN JUNG the girl from super summer is compatible with CHOI SIWON...I think they have a good chemistry in the future....

  48. Anonymous Says:
  49. hey .. does anyone know where to watch this super summer? I've searched it in youtube but there isn't episode 01 with eng sub... help please..

  50. Anonymous Says:
  51. i really love siwon oppa because he has a very unique personality especially for a person who is very famous ,i really want to meet him <3<3<3 saragne oppa

  52. Anonymous Says:
  53. Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

    The Lord will provide.. fighting ~~

  54. siwonlover Says:
  55. amen for that !!

  56. Anonymous Says:
  57. do you think he'll ever date a fangirl? lol

  58. Anonymous Says:
  59. haha im christian and wavy hair (its permed straight though), tall
    siwon, call me(;

  60. Anonymous Says:
  61. i love u , siwon oppa ! :DDDD 4eva n eva !!

  62. seng.konghuy Says:
  63. hi everybody I wonder why siwon want a women that is cristian why not other religion?

  64. Anonymous Says:
  65. He wants a Christian because the Bible says: "Can two walk together unless they be agreed?" (Amos. 3:3)
    It also says "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with the devil? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty" (II Cor. 6:14-18)

    It's almost like if you have nothing in common with someone, how will thing work out? So I hope that answers your question ^_^

  66. Kristina Says:
  67. check your grammar people.

  68. Anonymous Says:
  69. I am A christian (my dad actually is a pastor)I am tall 5'6 I am very respectful I'm Asian I speak english only little bit japanese but not much...the only bad thing is my age too bad.. :'( well anyways i hope that life gives him happiness and joy and one day he will find the one he loves even if it is not me... Siwon i know you must get this alot but saranghe!! Have a good life siwon!

  70. Anonymous Says:
  71. ******************************************************************

    I think he has already a girlfriend but he can't talk about it because he's in an idol group and it would broke the heart of many fans.
    Just look at this video. If he really didn't have a girlfriend he could just say that he didn't have one but he didn't answer because he doesn't want to lie and because he's not allowed to reveal it.

    I think his girlfriend is a celebrity too, I don't think that he would choose a fangirl. Sorry girls, stop dreaming, he will never choose you... :p

    I wish all the best for Si Won-ssi, he is a good person and he deserves to be happy.


  72. Anonymous Says:
  73. I love you Siwon........Deep in my heart :)
    God Bless you always....Amen

  74. Anonymous Says:
  75. i love you si won deep down in my heart
    but we can not be together, because you are too perfect in my eyes, and I guess I do not deserve being with you

    god bless you always


  76. Anonymous Says:
  77. i love siwon from the bottom of my pussy . . . .

  78. Anonymous Says:
  79. i love u choi siwon. i hope u can come hir in san ag.

  80. Anonymous Says:
  81. hay choi si won. i really really like you. but you cant speak so good in english.

    hey, you girl above me "anonymous" who posted last september 30, 2010. at 5:41pm!!!!! ang ka gaga mo bala!!!!! ay karon muh!!!!! nami ka nusnus ang pagkalaw-ay mo nga irat ka!!!!!!!! pussy pussy ka ha... basi gusto mo ma-episiotomy ka??!!! ha!!??? sabat!!!!!!

  82. Anonymous Says:
  83. siwon , i realy like you , and i'm so proud of you.
    i'm 20 and i'm a doctor now , but i still can't do many things like you do.everyone underestimating me because i'm too young to be a doctor.
    but you're so shining and so inspiring on your lifespan.and you show me how to worship God in different way.thank you :D
    i hope you'll find the right woman who realy loves you , your parents , especially Loves God than anything..Jesus bless you abudantly :)

  84. nganmai Says:
  85. SiWon sounds too good to be true. seriously!

  86. Anonymous Says:
  87. siwon, I really really want to marry you!! can we marry pleaseeee?

  88. heyyysw Says:
  89. siwon, u r my perfect ideal type. can you marry me??

  90. Anonymous Says:
  91. wooooooooooooooooooooow you guys are very nice so keep it up of praying os siwon and wish him to get married the type of girl he likes so his will show him good person

  92. Anonymous Says:
  93. his god will show him good women if he is a good person

  94. Anonymous Says:
  95. i think all the young people dont hate their parent and i dont think they will treat the other parent in a bad so think will you hate your who give you a birth and bring up in this world in my ipinion i will say no one hate their parent eather you grow up or not so my self i love my paren more than myself they are world to me and love is blind and when you love someone i think their is no something you can change that what my grandparen said so myself i dont believe their is love in this world may be 1%but for me no love but understand yes so always find yourself someone who understand you and have fun with your commend people

  96. Anonymous Says:
  97. Tiffany from SNSD came straight into my mind when I saw the description. And they have many skinship moments! Fingers crossed :)

  98. Anonymous Says:
  99. The descriptions refer to Stella H. Kim.
    I think they back into a special relationship again.
    I found the evidences:
    1. Check Siwon's Twitter Account, there is a photo with title "Miss you.. My Son abraham :( !! ". The photo was uploaded on JULY 24, 2010. The link: http://twitpic.com/28a1me.
    ==> The Teddy Bear is wearing blinder. There is another doll beside the Teddy Bear. Do you think a man like Siwon keep that tings on his bed?? Why did Siwon call it "SON"? If Siwon miss his son, it should be written "Miss my son Abraham..". Maybe "you" refers to his someone special and Abraham is their son, the symbol of their love.

    2. Check Stella's Twitter Account, there is a photo with title "4am?! can't study anymore... brain capacity overload :( good night world!". The photo was uploaded on OCT 1, 2010. The link: http://twitpic.com/2tk9zf. But UNFORTUNATELY, you can't see it anymore because Stella already delete it.
    ==> Stella is lying on bed wearing the same blinder with Siwon's son Abraham. Stella's pillowsheet colour same like Abraham's pillowsheet colour.

    3. Check April Dawoon Choe's (Stella's BFF) Facebook, there are photos that showing Stella's face. It looks like her BFF, April sleepover in her bed room. The photos was uploaded on NOV 18, 2008. The link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1014098724507&set=a.1110159565968.2016486.1586220018.
    ==> See on the corner of the bed, there is a teddy bear looks like Abraham (wearing a ribbon on its neck). The bed is same with Abraham's bed, look to the shape of the bed's "head"!

    Stella's Old Twitter Account is www.twitter.com/shine_stella. She delete it months ago. I saw in it she admitted to Amber Liu f(x) that she was Siwon's ex girlfriend => It stated last year.
    Before Stella set up her Facebook into private (only friends can see), I can see her profile pics. I saw one of her pic, she posed in front of Siwon's car (white Audi).
    If you read Stella's New Twitter Account www.twitter.com/hk_diary, seems like she often comes to Korea. There is a photo of Super Show 3 in Korea, she attended it.
    Siwon close with Stella's BFF, April.

    Yes they were a couple but Stella try to hide (delete) all the evidences from the public. Only some people recognize the evidences.
    They back into a special relationship again after sometime break up. Maybe Siwon realize that Stella is the girl he needed the most.

  100. Anonymous Says:
  101. I think the Anonymous who posted on AUGUST 15, 2010 is Siwon's girlfriend => Stella. She is a curious woman, there is a possibility that she check gossips about Siwon and posted a comment in here.
    She put stars-shine_stella's things- n wrote in proper English. Seems like she knew the truth and she wanted to tell to all Siwon's fans that "Siwon is mine". FYI, Stella is becoming a model and an actress (celebrity).

    See the previous comment above:
    1. Check Siwon's Twitter Account, there is a photo with title "Miss you.. My Son abraham :( !! ". The photo was uploaded on JULY 24, 2010. The link: http://twitpic.com/28a1me.
    ==> The Teddy Bear is wearing blinder. There is another doll beside the Teddy Bear. Do you think a man like Siwon keep that tings on his bed?? Why did Siwon call it "SON"? If Siwon miss his son, it should be written "Miss my son Abraham..". Maybe "you" refers to his someone special and Abraham is their son, the symbol of their love.

    So, the Anonymous who posted on AUGUST 15, 2010 is Siwon's girlfriend.

  102. Anonymous Says:
  103. The two latest posts are mine.
    I should wrote "they hook up again" instead "they back into a special relationship again".
    Sorry for the improper English. m(-_-)m

  104. Anonymous Says:
  105. guys take a break......am so so tempted to post something after reading all your comments...

  106. Anonymous Says:
  107. ohhh ........
    its me ... im christian ,,
    im tall ,,
    i have an clear innocent eyes ,,
    siwon and i is a perfect match ....

  108. seashell Says:
  109. woooow... i get frustrated like i havent before!!!
    so shocked, sad, frustrated and depressed =(
    really dont know what to say, either for what siwon wants nor for the comments!! *BIIIIG SIGH*

  110. Anonymous Says:
  111. love the pictures.. but does he really have to go out with a
    christian girl.. well, good for him.. guys like that are the best..
    christians are actually good people...

  112. Anonymous Says:
  113. well well well.. the last comment is actually true.. i'm not saying this because i'm a christian or what but it's true.. christian people are good people.. well all people are good people but thanks to choi siwon for liking christians..
    i'm a big fan of his and i love his movies.. good luck on finding
    your christian girlfriend.. peace out..

  114. Anonymous Says:
  115. looking a christian girl jus come to manado city, indonesia.. they are the best christian girl...

  116. Anonymous Says:
  117. si won... i am qualify for you.. marry me... Jesus bless u

  118. Anonymous Says:
  119. I am christian girl my dad is pastor and i am lovely person i am pretty tall and i respects other peoples:) i will marry siwon;)

  120. Anonymous Says:
  121. I want to marry Siwon

  122. Anonymous Says:
  123. i want marry siwon . .
    but ..
    *i not christian girl . .
    *im not tall
    but ..
    i can give you a life with full of love . .

  124. Anonymous Says:
  125. "We can not be too mindful of appearances when it comes to love"
    "Must be quite tall"
    ...Contradiction, maybe?

  126. Anonymous Says:
  127. the girl that si won is searching is no other than me!

  128. Anonymous Says:
  129. IM christian oso..reading bible often and pray.. i help my grandmother everyday.. i have good image to my friends and family .. unty,uncle,kazen and all.. among my 4 sibling me who my mami alwas and often calling out to do and doing house chores huhuhu..and im 5'4 feet but im far sided and have neutral straigt hair .. huhuh siwon oppa hope u find a gurl that suits U soon and happy alwas.. GBU heheh.amen

  130. Anonymous Says:
  131. Siwon it is must christian girl???? oooohhhh..... never mind ihope u found that girl as u want and happies always (i m not very well to speak english like u)i m very sorry :p

  132. Anonymous Says:
  133. unfortunately you're christian
    and I'm moslem.

  134. Anonymous Says:
  135. Choi Si Won's real height is NOT 183 cm! My ex-boyfriend was 183 cm and a person who's as tall as 183 cm will not have such a small stature like Choi Si Won. He's good-looking though... but he shouldn't lie about his height really... I was watching the first episode of Oh! My Lady... and from his very first appearance in that episode, when he ran up to a woman in one of his 'acting' scenes, I thought he looked really strange and he couldn't have been 183 cm...

    When he first met Yoon Gae Hwa in his apartment after he was done talking to her, you could see him STEPPING DOWN from the treadmill he was standing on all along, to give him the height advantage over Yoon Gae Hwa...

    His arms are short too... and arm length can be said to be approximately proportional to height. Lee Min Ho (Jin Ho from Personal Taste and Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowewrs) is 188 cm; Choi Si Won does not even appear close to Lee Min Ho's height!

    Choi Si Won shouldn't pretend to be anything than what he is! He should have been honest!

  136. siwonlover Says:
  137. @Anonymous Said on April 25, 2011 8:26 PM
    NOPE, Siwon doesnt tell lying facts
    This is not fake height!
    I MET him in person !!
    he's tall !
    183 cm is really make sense !even it could be higher when he use shoe.
    u should meet him first for that comment !
    Kyuhyun is tall also Hangeng , around 181 cm, and Siwon is taller than Kyu and Hangeng!!

  138. siwonlover Says:
  139. @Anonymous Said on April 25, 2011 9:02 PM
    No dear, its not because i am siwonlover
    but because, i met him in person ! u know what i mean
    I Met him !
    yeah i hv friends with those tall as well, and when i met Siwon in person, i know quickly , Siwon is really above 182cm, ya he is 183 cm.and could b even more, when he use shoe.
    i tell u the truth
    i hope i can make u understand, that would be great to comment (especially comment that contradiction with article, ) if u prove it by your self first, not because just your thought. because sometimes, if u came in drama shooting location, female lead, sometimes use talll shoe to make it not too much different gap in height with male lead.it happened on Oh My lady as well.
    hope u understand. & hope u meet Siwon some day to understand what i write here.

  140. Anonymous Says:
  141. http://www.wat.tv/video/o1b-2yoet_2yikd_.html

    it's about 2:50 mins into this part of the episode. You could first see that he's standing near a treadmill, then, at 3:23 mins, you could see his body moving as if he's stepping down from something, as he leaves the screen. Please watch it a few times if you can't catch it.

  142. siwonlover Says:
  143. @Anonymous Said on April 25, 2011 9:02 PM
    what is your height?
    Chae Rim's (in Oh My Lady as female lead) height is almost 170 cm. she is 168 cm.

  144. Anonymous Says:
  145. Oh, you deleted my link, siwonlover... Oh well, it's alright.

    I'm 167cm.

  146. Anonymous Says:
  147. And yes, I also understand what you mean; sometimes tall actors had to even make themselves seem shorter when they are acting opposite people who are shorter, so that the camera could fit both of their faces into the screen... But, in that link which I gave and which you have deleted, it is pretty obvious that Siwon was standing on something and which he steps off a minute later, to give him height advantage over Chae Rim.

    In any case, it doesn't matter if Siwon is tall or not. I like his acting so far and he's also very good-looking. :) So, no hard feelings. :)

  148. winarawrr Says:
  149. to anonymous who said that siwon isn't as tall as he said.
    he's really 183 tall. compare to lee minho their height isn't that far, I have friend who is 190s now, and 2 years ago he's 186. so I know people who is taller or same height.
    besides, he's getting thiner now since he's having diet.. that's why he looks different compared to men's health era.

  150. Anonymous Says:
  151. :(((((((( T.T siwon! not stella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please? dnt choose her!

  152. Anonymous Says:
  153. siwon oppa :) i really, really like you <3

  154. Anonymous Says:
  155. @Anonymous Said on April 25, 2011 9:02 PM

    try see him upclose, then prove to yourself then if he's aint 183cm at all ;D

    i swear. he's tall.

  156. Anonymous Says:
  157. @Anonymous Says:
    November 8, 2010 8:44 AM

    hello. hey there. i wonder how can i contact you :) you seemed a little knowledgeable about things. i guess you know what i mean. haha. hope we can talk like privately, i'm curious about your theories about Siwon, just a little fan discussion, nothing more ;) hope you will reply here. thanks!

  158. Anonymous Says:
  159. Qualities that apply to exactly but i am muslim girl from syria my name is sahera and i love you soooooooooooooo much i hope you to meet a good girl and loving her :)

  160. Anonymous Says:
  161. Good Lord, is this dude for real? Do men like these really exist?
    He's too good to be true :/

  162. Anonymous Says:
  163. siwon and stella are together.....do u guys want to know more?

  164. siwonlover Says:
  165. yes please, let us know, if u know abt them ^^ siwon , stella

  166. Wow! What a ruckus! Pop idols are still human I just dont get it why they're not allowed to date or reveal whom they love n adore. S fans we should be happy for them n wish them well. We shouldnt be selfish s it could hurt the idol. Bro Siwon has put God first in the "wife" criteria that's what Christians ought to do. God will honour those who honours Him. If otherwise there might b some repercussion to sadly deal with. All Christian know this it's in the Word of God. Just be happy for bro Siwon n give him your faithful support. Thankyou.

  167. Anonymous Says:
  168. hi everyone....first of all i want to say am not a 14 or 16 yearold to say "idols should not have a girlfriend...he is mine"thats stupidity.I completly respect an idol's private life.In case of siwon and stella....both should either accept the fact that they are in love or say it clearly that they are not dating.Stella is very clever..she never denies directly.Yet she wants to say something all the time ...am a big fan of siwon and its sad to see all these happening.For that matter Siwon hasnot denied or accepted it.And for the previous comment from Julia..."where is christianity coming into all these?"Its just a question of being open .....

  169. Anonymous Says:
  170. cont from my previous comment......i am not a big fan of justin B..but atleast he is open about his relationship...there will always be a group who would hate selena gomes...but the haters know that he is in love.selena doesnot hide from media and she smiles in the arms of JB.Its good to see them so happy.Are Korean teenagers that possessive?Dont they have their studies to concentrate?

  171. Anonymous Says:
  172. if siwon is secretly dating stella..he would be sad for his girl.Then.. if he is not dating ..then also he would be sad for a dear friend.Either way its not good for siwon.He is young and has got lots to achieve....I would be happy if he can be strong and make a strong statement so that he can clear things once for all and go ahead in life with or without stella.Iam okay for both :)

  173. To Anonymous (13/9/11 1247am) - only a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ will understand and agree like the likes of bro Siwon who is a faithful follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. And if u scroll to July 15 2010 553pm he/she quoted directly from the Word of God. This is our standing / principles before God in choosing a life partner in marriage and in business. I'm sorry u might find that hard to swallow but it is indeed from the Holy Oracles of the Almighty God. Amen.

  174. Anonymous Says:
  175. to julia....Thanks for quoting the holy text.am not a christian but I respect all religions....let the God bless you all...I dont want to say more and hurt people's feelings in this forum.There is a deeper meaning to religion....actually I will stop here.sorry for not explaining more.....

  176. Whether u choose the girl who has your dream or not,I am a big fan of you.I've wanted a elder brother since my childhood.If u don't mind it,i want to be your younger sister.

  177. Anonymous Says:
  178. not related to siwon or stella...does christianity say that a christian cannot marry anyone from another religion?

  179. siwonlover Says:
  180. @Anonymous Says on September 26, 2011 6:56 AM
    ya, God said so in the Bible.

  181. M glad dat there r those who r curious in "marriage" in Christianity n I thank God 2 dat there r Christians out there upholding the principles of the Bible. N 2 Anonymous Sep 26 check it out from the Bible itself 4 real. No harm unless you r a Muslim. Thankyou 2 siwonlover Sep 26 715am n Anonymous July 15 2010 - steadfast n sure in the Scriptures.

  182. Anonymous Says:
  183. i think siwon lover is very beautiful because he is handsome

  184. L Says:
  185. from Siwon Stella to Christianity. but yeah sharing the same faith. it's really probably one of the greatest factors why Siwon and Stella are together until now.

    by the way... some clue about Siwon and Stella, if you guys want to know.. when Siwon went to New York last March, of course they met. It's obvious. Some fans probably get the details like me. and lately Siwon tweeted a picture of him from that trip ;D

  186. Anonymous Says:
  187. Hi! siwon is a man wondelful because is good. This matter. is "sexy" somehow. is mild,sweeet without violent behavior. I don't know wath to say.. ^_^ I love him :X

  188. Anonymous Says:
  189. lolz i meet all the requirements accept for the height. lolz i hope God blesses him with someone great.

  190. Anonymous Says:
  191. oppa saranghae ^.^ fighting hiihi

  192. Anonymous Says:
  193. anyyoung oppa....i from indonesia,and i realy2 like u'r every think of u and i wish than i can be like you in future and we can met together...my be i am your fans.

  194. Anonymous Says:
  195. well i consider siwon one of my greatest dream...i just dont know..and im hurting right now...sakit kayo oppa...nganu paman jud ko nakaila nimo....

  196. Anonymous Says:
  197. i think siwon and stella are awesome together! :)

  198. Anonymous Says:
  199. Siwon and Stella should always be together :(

  200. debby luv Says:
  201. i'm a devout christian but i am not Korean but i am learning the language i live in america

  202. Alejandra Says:
  203. Two nights ago i was in my bed and I was praying to God saying something like this "I know your plans God, i know that someone out there is a boy made for me, with a beautiful smile and he belives in you Lord, so if there is that kind of boy, make me know who is"... I think i pray for that... so.... the next day at the morning i was looking for something in Youtube and saw a video of him... He was at a concert doing his solo and he has singing a Christian song, so i star crying... i don´t why... I Know it sound a little dum, but it make me hope for find someone like him...

  204. Anonymous Says:
  205. 난 정말 당신이 무슬림이 될 것이 좋겠어. 나는 결국 당신이 행복하게 천국에서 갈 것이다, 당신에게 그것의 당신과 결혼하고 싶은 기원과 그되지 않습니다.
    그리고 aur에서 내 words.Always 신경쓰지 말아줘 당신에게 ARE.BLESS기도

  206. Anonymous Says:
  207. 난 정말 당신이 무슬림이 될 것이 좋겠어. 나는기도하고 것이다 자사 아니라 내가 결국 당신이 행복하게 HEAVEN.Even IM 한국어되지 들어가서하고 또한 난 당신이 읽을 것이라는 희망에 구글 번역 사용하여 인스턴트 메시지 언어를 모르더 것을 당신에게 그것의 당신과 결혼하고 싶은 것을 위해 내 massage.but 아직 당신을 위해기도.
    그리고 aur에서 내 words.Always 신경쓰지 말아줘 당신에게 ARE.BLESS기도
    진정한 UR 행복을 원하는 알 수없는 사람

  208. tria okkta Says:
  209. is not like me,,
    i feel sad

  210. Anonymous Says:
  211. He's so handsome and such a gentleman. I pray he finds someone special. I'm not going to lie, I do wish it could be me. XD Also, I think if he was dating, he'd say so openly...Maybe not, but you know... Shindong is engaged and that's public knowledge. Maybe it's OK for Shindong (not trying to be a hater, I love all the SJ members) to be honest, because he's a "fattie" and therefore, "not as attractive" as the other members. If so, it doesn't seem fair: Shindong has fangirls too, you know. He doesn't have to say who he's dating if he's worried about their safety, but he *COULD* mention whether he was taken or not. Ahh, the difficult life of a Kpop star. Speaking of which, wonder how he, as a Christian, feels about being called an "idol"...??

  212. Anonymous Says:
  213. tiffany snsd would be perfect :D

  214. Anonymous Says:
  215. choi siwon plzzzzzzzz marry me !!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Anonymous Says:
  217. i hope siwon is still dating stella.. she perfect for him, relationship since 2005 until 2011 (rumoured say they break up in 2011) that's 6 years so loooooong time, i believe if they really love each other

  218. Anonymous Says:
  219. siwon stella always together forever,,,, like bedtime story with happy ending

  220. Anonymous Says:
  221. I am very impressed by what I read ..... I really like that he is a Christian and very much respect their parintiii ... and especially when looking at a girl looking inside and not outside necessarily ..this is a very high quality and has a good character...mai rar asa persoane :) .<3 :* I admire you very much .. you are very cute...Choi Siwon .. I wish you all the best in life and happiness ... May God help you find the right person .... and always stay the same :*


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